Meet your Instructor Sonja James!

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In three words Sonja James describes herself as inquisitive, adventurous, and witty. Her inquisitive mind is one of the things that lead her to Pilates. Her first class was in a gym and Sonja could not understand why the teacher kept poking her fingers into her stomach. She left that class definitely not in love with Pilates and it wasn’t until four years later when she was teaching aerobics and the gym needed a Pilates instructor that she returned to it.  At the time Sonja was also dealing with a back injury and she was curious if Pilates could help her to heal. Although she was already doing personal training at the gym she wanted to train people to work smarter and Pilates was just the thing! Her three favorite Pilates principles are presence, focus, and discipline.

If money were no object, Sonja’s adventurous spirit would take her to the mountains where she would be rock climbing all day! If given the choice she would rather hike than bike and she could live anywhere in the world she would  want to travel and live everywhere! Although you would probably find her most comfortable in a tent on a big rock! Between an houseboat or a speed boat you would find Sonja on the house boat.

Since Thai food is Sonja’s favorite it makes sense that her favorite restaurant in town is East West Grille, a Thai restaurant in West Hartford. Given Sonja’s healthy lifestyle choices you would never guess that her guilty pleasure is Velveeta mac and cheese from a box! But you might guess that anger is a pet peeve of hers. And since she thinks that the black panther is the animal that best represents her, you better not make her angry!

Sonja is her name and she likes it so much she wouldn’t change it even if she could.

Her favorite muscle is the psoas. Why? Because it’s just so interesting!

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