Do you love Pilates?

Do you love pilates so much that you have thought about being an instructor yourself? Or maybe just deepening your own practice? There are many reasons one decides to go through an instructor training program. The first might be obvious, you want to learn how to instruct pilates! Perhaps you have been practicing pilates long enough to know how life changing it can be; it makes your body, mind and spirit feel better than you ever knew possible and you want to share that with the world!

That is how I feel now, but to be honest, when I enrolled in my instructor training program I actually had very little experience in a real pilates studio. Most of my experience was on the mat. So, I had no idea of the potential or what I was really getting myself into. Which is not too unusual for me and I totally lucked out on this one! I did know that I wanted to be doing something that made a direct difference in peoples lives. And when my clients give me a hug and thank me at the end of a session and say that they feel like a new person, I know that I helped to make that difference and my time and energy was well spent. I am grateful every day for my career and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I remember the first big conference I attended, the PMA in California. There were a few hundred of us, all dressed in our tights and hoodies gathered in a hotel ballroom and after hearing the opening remarks about how our industry continues to grow and evolve and reach more and more people making such a big difference in the healing of bodies, I absolutely knew I was doing the right thing.

You don’t have to want to be an instructor though to do an instructor training. Pilates is so vast and so detailed that spending such a committed amount of time learning anatomy and the intricacies of each exercise will deepen your own practice tremendously. If you have a home pilates practice, going through this program will help you better understand your body and why you should or shouldn’t be doing certain exercises.

The Pilates Defined instructor training is comprehensive not only in it’s approach to anatomy and the classical repertoire of exercises, but it teaches you how analyze a person, a real body, how it moves or doesn’t move and what would help that body live in it’s best potential. It’s not just learning material, we have conversations about real bodies and what to do with them. That is after all what happens one you obtain your certificate.   More information about the Pilates Defined Instructor training can be found here!

No matter if you plan on instructing full time, part time, or not even at all, committing to an instructor training program will change your life, and possibly the lives of many others!

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