Get to know Dawn, our New Pilates Instructor

She might have been snacking on Macadamia nuts and chocolate, two of her favorite foods, when Dawn spotted a reformer  for the first time being advertised on QVC. With curious eyes she watched the woman demonstrating the reformer, moving back and forth and Dawn thought, “gee, that looks like fun!” Dawn was already in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and  an aerobics instructor but that first glimpse of the reformer inspired her so much she started researching instructor trainings right away. Initially she signed up for the training for her own practice, hoping it would deepen her knowledge of the method. But shortly after she started the training a position teaching a mat class was offered to her and she just couldn’t help herself. She jumped in with two feet to complete her comprehensive training. That was 17 years ago and now Dawn enjoys a full time career teaching Pilates. 

Originally from Massachusetts, Dawn, her husband, two daughters (Victoria, 16 and Sarah, 14) and three cats now reside in Suffield Ct where she has lived for the last 22 years. As a former court reporter it was quite a switch to Pilates instructor. Dawn teaches because she loves the health aspects of exercise and quickly discovered that Pilates was more effective than other types of training in producing positive results from her clients. 

Dawn says there are too many body parts to pick a favorite,  but if she absolutely had to she would choose the abdominals, “they are just too important”.  In addition to her own devoted Pilates practice she enjoys moving her body by walking outside with friends and playing with her kids. Dawn also loves spending time in her garden with her many plants where she believes the more variety the better!

In five words Dawn describes herself as kind, patient, caring, passionate, fun and easy-going.  If given the choice between hiking and biking, she would go for the hike and perhaps it would be on the coast of Italy which is where you find her if she could live anywhere in the world. The Italian coast would also be a lovely place for her to indulge in her guilty pleasure of taking naps! 

Interestingly, napping is something Dawns’ cats do regularly without any guilt at all and it is the cat that Dawn feels is the best animal representation of herself.  In addition to napping, also like her cats, Dawn loves the sun, fresh food and stretching. 

If money were no object Dawn would most likely spend her days doing exactly what she is already doing…Pilates!  Although, she would prefer a warmer climate and she would spend more time practicing Pilates for herself!

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