Private Zoom Sessions!

As the days go by are you realizing how much you miss your private sessions? You don’t have to!
Take advantage of a zoom session with your favorite instructor! The environment might have shifted but the end result is the same as in the studio.
Just listen to what are clients are saying!
“I’ve had 2 private sessions in the past 2 weeks, and took the free Zoom classes offered last Saturday. In this time where it can feel like we’re living in an alternate universe, I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it felt to do something that seemed close to normal! We all know that Pilates is a mindful activity, so it provides much needed benefits for our minds. In addition, Jessica, as usual, did not let me get away with anything– it’s pretty amazing what she can see over Zoom—so my body loved it too. Pilates Defined has provided the highest caliber pilates of any studio I’ve tried. If you agree, I hope you will join me in taking classes and privates remotely to support your own health and that of our beloved teachers at Pilates Defined. I am so grateful that they were able to gear up so quickly to working with us in this way. Thank you Jessica, Trisha, Dawn and Adel.”
“Thank you so much for the Pilates session via ZOOM today. What a great way to keep me motivated and not let the current situation be an excuse!” ~Claire
“Had the best session today through zoom. Great way to start my day at 6:30. If you aren’t taking advantage of zoom sessions… think about it. I can’t believe how much better I feel physically and mentally today and the only change was starting my day with Pilates!”
Tricia, Dawn, and Ane have openings for privates this week!
Email us to set up a time!

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