Move your body and smell the flowers!

Ahhhhhhh….Spring is the season of renewal and regrowth. Next time you go outside, pause and take a slow, purposeful breath. Can you smell that first hint of spring in the air?

Joseph Pilates is famous for his quote,” Breathing is the first act of life and the last. Our very life depends on it. ”

Fortunately for most of us, unless you have a compromised respiratory system, breathing is mostly an unconscious act. And although it is mostly unconscious there are many benefits to being more aware of our breath. Lucky for us Pilates teaches us how to use breath to activate specific muscles and improve posture. Additionally, guided breathing techniques help lower blood pressure and enhance relaxation. Whenever one of my daughters gets upset for any one of a million reasons, one of the first things I hear myself say to them is, “take a breath”.

Focusing on your breath will really help to bring you into the present. Whether it is a challenging Pilates exercise or a stressful moment at home or work, being aware of your breath will connect your mind and body and help you to make better choices.

After spending the winter months indoors, the air we are breathing can begin to feel stale.

Take the opportunity now as the weather improves to move your body outdoors and be present with your breath. Use your Pilates breathing or whatever breathing technique works best for you, but take the time to inhale the refreshing new spring air into your whole being and feel rejuvenated and inspired by the season.

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