Who should come to Pilates Day?

Someone called today and asked who should come to Pilates Day!     Everyone!  You don’t have to wear spandex, you don’t have to be “in shape” and it’s fine if you’ve been taking a “respite” from exercise!     Pilates is terrific for people who are rehabbing from injury or surgery — or “pre-habbing” for a hip or knee replacement.    Your recovery will be so much quicker if you have been doing Pilates on a regular basis!

The Pilates Method Alliance,  one of the largest umbrella organizations in our industry, created International Pilates Day as a way to bring our community together in celebration of the movement practice that has changed the lives of so many people. Studios all around the globe celebrate in many different ways, but at Pilates Defined we are holding a special open house event this year called, A Taste of Pilates Defined.

If you have never done pilates, or have done a limited amount this is the perfect event for you! Try the free beginning mat class at 8am to get a 45 min sample of the essential mat exercises. You will be introduced to muscles you never even knew you had and learn how to stabilize your core all with just your own body weight on the mat.

If you are curious about those interesting looking machines, there is an Essential level reformer class at 9am, or join us from 10-11:30 and try all of the equipment at one of the many tasting stations. You will have the opportunity to try all of the equipment with a certified instructor at your side! And if you try all of them you receive a free mat class!

And if you are already a pilates devote, join us in celebration! You can also participate in the mixed level mat class at 9am and the tasting stations which will be tailored to your individual needs and level.

Or if you just want to come visit the studio, meet our team and have a snack with us, we would love to share with you our passion for the method that keeps bodies happy and in motion!

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