Equipment Classes

The origins of Joseph Pilates’ exercises were spring-loaded machines to guide the body into the correct form while doing an exercise. Mat exercises require use of your own body weight as resistance, while the machines provide the additional spring resistance. In addition to the Reformer, Pilates Defined also provides the Cadillac or Trapeze table, the EXO Chair, Split Pedal Chair, Spine Corrector and the Ladder Barrel, among many other small props.

The machines incorporate all the key principles of Pilates such as postural alignment, breath, core control, flexibility, and concentration. They are low-impact.

Group Equipment Classes

(Limited to 4 people)

Essential Reformer
Learn the essential repertoire on the amazing Pilates machine called the reformer.  Designed for those students newer to the reformer, this group equipment class will give you a solid foundation of the basic exercises. Focus on form, alignment and breathing while you stretch and strengthen your entire body using spring resistance. You won’t believe how great a work out can feel!

Reformer Group
Have fun working out again! Take advantage of the amazing Pilates machine known as the reformer. By using spring resistance to guide your body into perfect form, you will learn to love the versatility and never get bored with the abundance of exercises. This class is best suited for an intermediate or strong beginning level student.

Power Flow Reformer
Keep your reformer workout in motion with this group class that is full of power moves! Designed for the Intermediate/Advanced student with a strong foundation who is looking to spice up the traditional Reformer work.

EXO Chair Pump
60 minute class using the new Balanced Body EXO Chair. Additional resistance bands have boosted the already-challenging Wunda chair to a new heart pumping level. For intermediate level students with Pilates experience who wish to challenge their core while experiencing a unique full body workout.

Equipment Challenge
Love the Reformer but want more? Utilizing a circuit-training format, this group equipment class will give you a challenging resistance based workout on the Pilates reformer, Cadillac, and EXO chair. Intermediate/Advanced level; instructor permission required.


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