Studio Policies & FAQs


Please understand that in order to maintain the most efficient schedule possible, Pilates Defined requires a 24-hour notice of cancellation by phone or email for all scheduled privates, duets, and equipment classes. Instructors are not on standby for classes, and no-shows will be charged.

  • Checks, cash, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted.
  • Gift cards are available.
  • All sales are final. Packages may be transferred, but not refunded.
  • Please respect fellow students by turning off cell phones.
  • It is your choice to wear socks or to be barefoot during your class, but please remove shoes upon entering the studio.


Membership Policies:


  • Classes roll over to the next month if you don’t use all of your classes that month. However, you can’t pull classes from an upcoming month for use during a current month.
  • Classes expire at the end of your membership term.
  • There are no holds for memberships unless you have a medical emergency.
  • All memberships include 8 complimentary virtual mat classes a month. To attend these virtual classes or receive the recordings, log in to your Wellness Living account, go to the schedule, and register for the classes.
  • All members receive a 20% discount off one single service (class or session) per month. Email to use your one-time monthly discount.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. When I go to schedule a class, why is it asking me for payment when I have an active membership?

More than likely you have used all of the available classes/sessions for the month and will need to either purchase a single class/session, or wait until a new month starts.

Please note that each month starts on the start date of your membership, which is not always the same as the day your automatic payment is deducted from your account OR on the 1st of the month.


2. How do I use my free virtual mat classes?

Your membership also includes 8 virtual mat classes a month. To attend these virtual classes or receive the recordings, log in to your Wellness Living account, go to the schedule, and register for the classes.


3. How do I schedule a private or semi-private session?

You cannot schedule private or semi-private sessions online. You can email to schedule a session or you can schedule a session when you are next in the studio. Optimally, after a session, your instructor will schedule your next session or two with you.


4. How does the waitlist work?

When you join the waitlist for an upcoming class, it counts towards your monthly total for your group equipment membership as far as how many more classes you can sign up for in a 30-day period. However, if you do not end up being added to the class, the class will not get counted towards your monthly total and will be removed so you can book an additional class.


5. How to Update Your Credit Card:

  • Log in to your Wellness Living account.
  • In the top menu, click My Profile.
  • Click Billing.
  • Under Saved Credit Cards, click ADD CREDIT CARD.
  • Enter your credit card information and billing details in the appropriate fields.
  • Select Set as default payment method to make this your default payment method.
  • Click Save.

*Please note, when no default payment method is selected and a client is automatically billed, the most recent credit card or ACH payment method saved to the client’s profile will be used by default.


6. What are the benefits of becoming a member?

  • When you become a member you save money on your membership. It’s more cost-effective than buying individual sessions or group equipment classes. 
  • All memberships include 8 complimentary virtual mat classes a month–these classes are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 
  • Also, if you want to add on additional sessions or classes on top of your existing membership, you can email to get 20% off one single class or session add-on per month.


7. How do I book a class in the Client Web App:

  • On the top menu, click Book now.
  • Click the tab that contains the class you’re booking. By default, this tab is named Classes.
  • Find the class you want to book and click Book now. You may have to browse the list or filter the list to find the class.
  • Under Frequency, select whether you want to book a single session or recurring sessions of the class. To book recurring sessions:
    • Click the Frequency field and select Custom frequency. The Custom frequency popup is displayed.
    • Under Repeats every, select the number of days, weeks, or months on which the class booking will repeat.
    • Under Repeats on, select the day for the recurring class to repeat on. Unavailable days will be grayed out.
    • Under Ends, select whether the booking ends after a specified number of occurrences or after a specified date range.
      • To make a recurring booking for a certain number of classes, select Number of sessions and enter the number of classes you want to book.
      • To make a recurring booking for classes over a specific time period, select Book from [X] to [Y] and select a start and end date in the date fields.
      • To make an ongoing recurring booking for a class that repeats indefinitely, select Never end.
        • When no end date is selected, the system books recurring classes for six months. After one month, and every month thereafter, the system books another month of classes to maintain six months of future bookings for the client. For example, if on January 1, you book a weekly recurring class with no end date, the system will automatically book classes from January 1 to June 30. On February 1, the system will automatically book classes for the month of July, and so on.
    • Confirm the booking information is correct. Under Booking [X] sessions, the dates of all booked sessions are displayed. If the client was added to any waitlists, this will be displayed under Added to [X] waitlists.
      • If unavailable on one of the displayed dates, click the date. The date will be grayed out and the next available date will be selected.
    • Click Save.
  • Pay for the service booking. Depending on the payment options, you may see any of the following:
    • If you own an applicable Purchase Option (membership or class pack), click Complete booking. And you’re done!
  • If you must buy a Purchase Option (membership or single class) to pay for the service booking, click Book and Pay Now.
  • Select an available Purchase Option (membership or single class) to pay for the service booking. Click Next.
  • On the Checkout page, review your shopping cart and make any necessary changes:
    • Select a payment method:
      • If you don’t have a payment method saved to your profile, enter the information for the payment method you’ll be using for the purchase.
      • Under Select a payment method, select each payment method you want to use. In most cases, the total payment is split between the selected payment methods equally, but you can adjust the amounts as required.
        • To add a new payment method, select Add a new [payment method], and enter the details for the payment method.
    • Apply a gift card or discount to the purchase:
      • If you have a gift card, enter the code in the Gift card field and click Apply.
      • If you have a discount code, enter the code in the Discount code field and click Apply.
    • Click Checkout.