Mat Classes

These small group classes (10 students max) are led by a certified instructor and are ideal for beginners to advanced students. The classes incorporate all the key principles of Pilates such as postural alignment, breathing, core stability, controlled movement and flexibility.  They are low-impact.

The mat floor exercises may also be combined with other props such as weights, balls, therabands, rings, and Barre.

Because of the small class size, instructors are able to give participants hands-on attention and make appropriate modifications for each student’s ability.

Group Mat Classes

(Limited to 10 people)

Essential Pilates Mat
Introduction to the basic principals of the Pilates mat-work. Start strengthening from the ground up and learn the essential exercises from which to expand your repertoire.

Classic Mat
Continue expanding your mat-work vocabulary with this group class based on the classical Pilates mat exercises. Learn new exercises that focus on strength and alignment, while linking them together into a flowing series. Great class for the beginning student looking to increase exercise repertoire and for the intermediate student striving to perfect form.

An intermediate/advanced level mat class that moves quickly from one exercise into another, creating a powerful, flowing routine. The addition of small props will create new challenges for familiar exercises.

Group Class Pricing

  • Single Session – $17.00 plus tax
  • Package of 10 (expires in 5 months) – $150.00 plus tax
  • Package of 20 (expires in 8 months) – $280.00 plus tax


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