Special Workshops

Pilates Defined periodically hosts specialized weekend workshops that emphasize specific technique, philosophy or practical learning. The workshops include posture, Pilates for runners, Pilates for golfers, Mommy and Baby Pilates, Pilates @ Home, Foam Roller, Body Rolling and more. Please visit our Events page for scheduled workshops.

Foam Roller Workshop

The foam roller makes even the most elementary Pilates exercises feel advanced.

Performing the most familiar mat and reformer exercises on the roller will make your core work even harder to find balance. Also used to massage soft tissue, the foam roller is the perfect tool to keep and use at home.

Body Rolling Workshop

Using a six-inch ball, you will strengthen, tone, and realign the body while giving yourself the sensations of a deep-tissue massage. Body Rolling relieves pain and muscle tension while providing a workout, a massage and a chiropractic session all at once.

You will stand taller, move more easily and feel terrific. All experience levels welcome.

Corporate Team Building Workshop

Get your staff moving with a team building Pilates class. Pilates Defined will tailor a class specifically for the needs of your employees including all fitness levels, ages and abilities. Studies have shown that exercise increases productivity. Pilates is particularly effective at instructing proper posture and alignment while at work.

We can do the class at our studio, which is perfect for the small office team building experience, or on-site , with your company providing the mats (all we require is an open space). Our qualified instructors will motivate and inspire your staff to have more energy and a positive attitude.

Classes can be scheduled at lunch or at the beginning or end of day. Costs are commensurate with the length of class and potential travel time. Up to 10 participants in the studio or 15 outside.

Please see calendar for sessions and pricing.

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