Physical Injury

Pilates has its roots in physical injury as Joseph Pilates developed the program for those who were confined to bed.  While Pilates Defined does not employ licensed physical therapists, the certified instructors are skilled in modifying exercises to help those with injuries.  All exercise programs are completely customized to the needs of the student.

Pilates can be an ideal exercise regimen for anyone from injured athletes to more elderly students with physical ailments because of its low impact and gentle methods.  Pilates helps to strengthen many muscle groups at once, in particular the core abdominals.  It helps with proper posture and alignment, which aids in healing injuries-and, also prevents future injuries.  Pilates also helps to improve range of motion.

By using a soft ball or foam roller, muscles and fascia are elongated and softened which allows for better circulation and greater ease of movement. The length gained from rolling and the stability built from Pilates are the perfect combination for ideal posture and alignment.

“Pilates Defined saved me. I had gone through rehab for a torn meniscus and it didn’t help at all. I also had other major issues, especially my hip and shoulder. Sonja James helped me to heal my body and then taught me how to rehab it myself with Pilate’s props that I have at home. Now I can say that I am pain free, and I plan to do Pilates for the rest of my life. The extra added bonus is that I am strong and fit and I get complimented all the time. This feels especially good when you are 68!”Laurie Tishler