Pilates Defined is a positive and uniquely accessible space in which each and every body that walks through the door will feel inspired and nurtured. There are no expectations; we will meet you wherever you are and take you to better places.

The method that Joseph Pilates invented over 80 years ago is inherently brilliant in it’s own right. Pilates is not just exercise, it is a way of life; it is whole body health. We don’t want to just teach you how to move; we want to teach you how to live better in your body. Pilates Defined respects and honors the history of Pilates, and with an open mind, continues to evolve the practice-always integrating the most recent discoveries and knowledge. Combining classical approaches with contemporary thought produces an unequivocal blend of everything bodies require to move fluidly through life.

We teach Pilates with the intent of improving your quality of life through movement. Within a caring and non-competitive environment, we will create thoughtful and individualized sessions designed to meet the specific needs of our clients in order to develop and maintain an overall functional and well-conditioned body.

It is our goal to provide a community to support one another in a quest for whole body health. You will walk out the door after every session feeling better than you ever thought possible.

“Do you think it’s possible to change your poor posture at the age of 57? Virtually eliminate 25 years of pain caused by sitting at a desk and hovering over a BlackBerry resulting in rope-tight muscles? I had tried everything: physical therapy, massage therapy, trainer etc. which provided temporary relief. But after only six months of working with the team at Pilates Defined, I was able to achieve a dramatic and permanent improvement in my body. Jessica and her team of miracle workers helped me achieve better health with warmth, healing hands and humor.”Cathleen