Special Reformer Pop Up Class

Thursday, August 20
Special Pop-Up with Tricia!

The reformer – like a loyal best friend, one who listens to you without judgement no matter what. Providing a secure and comfortable environment to breathe deeply, to move freely in your physical body and be at peace with who you really are, the reformer also encourages healthy, functional movement.    There is really nothing like it.
I have been watching videos online of fascia and the many, many layers of connective tissue in our bodies. It is amazing! The gliding and sliding of the reformer carriage back and forth is not dissimilar to that of our connective tissue. I have always read that Mr. Pilates was brilliant beyond his years and the deeper I delve into this work, the more I can appreciate that fact.
It has been a joy to have small group classes back together again. Building a community was an original business goal when I opened 11 years ago and seeing clients reunite in the studio lifts me up even on a down day. Between social distancing, fastidious disinfecting, and strict mask wearing, I am confident we are being safe and doing our due diligence to slow the spread of COVID-19 while at the same time being able to share our practice and love of Pilates with one another.
If you are wondering about the small group reformer classes, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!   And if you are not ready to join us in person we love seeing you just as much in the virtual world! With so many options there is no reason to be without our community or beloved practice. Keep moving!

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