Take advantage of a flexible schedule and work on YOU! Schedule a Zoom private today.

As you stay safe at home, perhaps your schedule has become a little more flexible- ours is too! Now is the time to work on you and only you! Even through the Zoom lens we can deliver on giving you an individual workout specific to the needs of your body. Our team of talented instructors will identify and clarify postural habits and corrective exercises to create balance and strength in your body.
Just listen to what are clients are saying!
  • “Yesterday I had my first virtual private session. (not a big Zoom fan, so I was hesitant) It far exceeded expectations. Tricia was amazing, spotting every move I made, right or wrong, and guiding me through it so smoothly that the time flew. Pilates Defined is more expert, caring, hands-on and fun, in a more soothing and professional environment, than other studios I’ve tried. They tailor my session to my body’s needs, and vary it every single time so I never get bored. Love these folks!” ~ Beth
  • “I had my first virtual session today using zoom video. Was not sure how this would be but it was terrific. So happy to stay connected in these uncertain social distancing times. Thank you Jessica.” ~ Sue
  • “Had the best session today through zoom. Great way to start my day at 6:30. If you aren’t taking advantage of zoom sessions… think about it. I can’t believe how much better I feel physically and mentally today and the only change was starting my day with Pilates!”   ~Tara
Tricia, Dawn, and Adel have openings for privates this week!
Email us to set up a time!



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