Do you have a Pilates Happy Place?

I lay down and first feel the weight of my back on the carriage. I can feel the base of my skull sinking into the mat while my tailbone lengthens. My spine begins to unwind. I take a breath as I bring my feet onto the bar. The bar feels firm and supportive under my bare skin. As I extend my knees and push the carriage away I feel the wheels glide easily and smoothly. It’s not strenuous, but it is definitely not without effort. It feels good. The springs underneath want to pull me back in and I allow it but with just enough resistance to create the perfect amount of work. Back and forth, in and out, inhale and exhale. The steady rhythm quiets my nervous system. My breath initiates the movements of my body and I feel grounded.

The reformer is one of my happy places. After practicing Pilates for over 20 years and learning many fancy exercises, foot and leg work on the reformer still remains my favorite. I am convinced there is nothing else like it. And what is brilliant is that not only does it feel good, but that it facilitates healthy, functional movement patterns.

With all of the noise that surrounds us almost every minute of every day I encourage you to seek out the places that you can silence some of that chatter. Especially in today’s world there is an ever growing need to deepen our own mind body connections and feel centered. Being centered gives you an opportunity to stand taller and stronger, breathe deeper and feel connected to your body.

Let the Pilates studio be a sanctuary for you to center your own being. The quiet atmosphere is intentional. As these peaceful moments in our day are few, we hope that you can take advantage of the calm environment to soothe your nerves, nourish your soul, move from your breath and truly deepen the mind-body connection within yourself.

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