How to get started at Pilates Defined!

Call us! We are happy to spend time chatting with you to help you figure out which is the best course of action to get started.

Whether you are brand new to pilates or have been practicing it for years, we typically recommend all new clients start their Pilates Defined journey with our special Introductory package. The Introductory package is our lowest price for privates and includes 3.5 hours of private instruction.

In the Introductory package your first session will be a 90 min Initial Consultation in which you will fill out some brief paperwork including a health history. The extra time will allow for a conversation between you and your instructor to discuss any pertinent information in your health history and how it might relate to your pilates practice. Your instructor will then do a full postural analysis, looking for any obvious imbalances both structurally and muscularly. Using this assessment as a base line, your instructor will design a program based on your own personal needs. Because Pilates movements are so detailed there may be modifications and adjustments in exercises that will benefit your body specifically. Pilates is very progressive and at Pilates Defined we believe in the importance of learning from the bottom up. In this first session many of the principals and essential exercises will be introduced. You may or may not get on the machines but you will definitely find some new muscles you never knew you had!

After your 90 min consult, the Introductory package also includes two 60 min private sessions. Keeping your specific goals in mind you will have the opportunity to work on the reformer and the cadillac and feel the magic of the springs!

If you are new to Pilates, upon completion of the Intro package you will have an idea of what Pilates is and what the potential is for you. If you are more seasoned you will have had the opportunity to have the eyes of an instructor on only you. As instructors we love having this one on one time to really get to know each and every client and exactly what their body needs. So, whether you continue with privates or move on to group classes we will be able to support you personally and nourish your journey with attention and care.

It is also possible to do the Initial Consult as a stand alone 90 minute session or you could even even schedule a 60 minute session to start. Both of these options will give you the undivided attention of a certified instructor.

And if privates are just not an option, and we understand that is sometimes the case,  there are Essential level Reformer classes and many mixed level classes to choose from. The small size of our reformer classes, we only have four reformers,  allows us still to give you lots of quality, individualized attention.

But please don’t hesitate to call us at the studio, start a conversation and and we will get you started!

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