You don’t have to “get in shape” to start Pilates!

While interned in England during WWI Joseph Pilates developed a method of exercise utilizing springs for resistance training which helped many bedridden patients build strength. He originally called his method Contrology and we now call it Pilates! Considering that the Pilates method has roots in rehabilitation, even with an injury there is no reason why anyone should wait to start!

Starting a new exercise program can always be nerve-racking but have no fear when it comes to Pilates! Pilates is for everyone and anyone at any time in their life; it meets you exactly where you are. In fact, just the other day my first client of the day was a fit and strong 20 year old, and my last client was also fit and strong but she was 81 years old and she attributes her fitness and strength to her consistent pilates practice of the last 12 years! And in between those two clients I worked with people of all fitness levels, ages and backgrounds. You might be a former athlete who hasn’t kept up with your workouts and is shy about not feeling your best. Or maybe you have never really exercised before but you want to start, it is never too late!

At Pilates Defined we also work with a lot of folks who are sent to us by their physical therapists as they recover from injury or surgery. And because of it’s rehabilitative roots, pilates will bridge the gap and make you feel even stronger than before your injury.

People sometimes think they should wait to start pilates until after they feel good, but most, if not all of our clients will tell you they leave their sessions felling better than when they walked in. With the guidance of a certified instructor you can move your body safely and build strength and flexibility under very carefully trained eyes. Certified instructors undergo hours of classes, including anatomy and movement analysis  and are required to complete hundreds of hours of observation and practice teaching. With pilates there is virtually no risk of injury! The equipment we have in the studio today is almost identical to the equipment Mr. Pilates designed all those years ago in his little studio in NYC while he was rehabbing injured dancers, boxers and everyday people. So, if for example your knee or back hurts when you come in for your session, it is important to let your instructor know. The springs and equipment will assist you in doing things you thought you couldn’t do.

Take for example the roll up in the mat-work. Many people struggle with finding the strength to articulate their spine well enough to roll up to sitting from the supine, or lying down, position. Luckily in the studio we have the cadillac, one of the machines that was originally designed with springs to help with just that.

So with the assistance of a certified instructor and the Pilates springs you are in a safe environment and good hands to get your body moving and feeling strong at any time in your life!

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